Melanie Nicole has a passion for the heart, her family and friends, french fries, self-care, and making people smile. She served in the Peace Corps in Guyana, South America for two years after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Nutrition. Though a Texas grown and Californian native–she recently moved to Arizona and is now pursuing a full-time art career.

While it was apparent that she was creative even as a child, it wasn’t until the age of 24 that she rediscovered her passion and talent for art after years of pursuing a stressful career in public health. Motivated to live her truth and a life centered around joy, she’s dedicated her life to sharing her healing art practice and empowering others with her gift.

Melanie Nicole specializes in floral and female portraits that aim to capture the complexities of femininity, healing, and existing. She works mainly in acrylic and oil mediums. Her artwork has been featured in art shows, galleries, and private collections. Many clients seek personal artwork from her due to her ability to understand and translate meaningful memories, experiences, and feelings onto a canvas.

Most recently, she has begun venturing into handmade jewelry as a passion project. Though it was meant to help undo a creative block, her collection of earrings have become a lovely addition to her paintings for people to enjoy.